Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you love fudge try No Pudge

I have heard many people say that they could eat healthy or stick to a diet easily if there was no such thing as chocolate. Well, chocolate is here to stay, but if you are one of those people then I have good news for you. I discovered No Pudge brownie mix several years ago while browsing the isles of Whole Foods. While a Whole Foods trip is exciting in general (okay maybe not to everyone), this food find just really made my day. A fat-free brownie mix that is prepared with greek yogurt- you know that is a little bit exciting. Although I was somewhat skeptical about the outcome of a baked dessert made without butter or oil, the result was amazing! These are as moist and rich as any brownies that I have ever tasted. I have made these for many events including parties, bridal showers, and tailgate parties and nobody ever believes that they are even low in fat, much less fat-free. The all-natural mix, with only 9 ingredients, includes substitutions to yogurt, in order to make a lactose-free dessert. The box also provides directions to make a single serving brownie in the microwave in case you find yourself at risk of devouring the whole pan. As with any food made with added sugar, I would not deem these treats "healthy", but they are a much better alternative to other brownie mixes and can easily be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. My favorite is the original flavor, but they also come in cappuccino, raspberry, and mint variations. This is one time that I would not recommend Greek yogurt. The texture is too thick and does not mix well with the mix. I have spotted No Pudge brownie mix at Publix and Wal-Mart as well as Whole Foods. Hurry out to your closest store and give in to your sweet tooth.

Nutrition: (1/12 prepared mix, using the fat-free plain yogurt and vanilla extract option)
118 calories, 29g carbohydrate, 3g protein, 0g fat, 1g fiber, 2 weight watchers points


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