Monday, January 31, 2011

Mushroom Madness

Nutritionally speaking, homemade meals prepared with fresh ingredients are always the best way to go. But the time it takes to go to the grocery store and create a gourmet meal is not always available. In these, instances many people turn to fast food to solve their time dilemma. Diet Disaster. While I would never advocate for eating frozen meals as part of an everyday healthy lifestyle, most freezer dinners are much better than the local burger joint. I always keep a few stashed away for busy nights and I have to admit there are a few I even enjoy. One of my favorite lines is the Lean Cuisine Market Creations. These gourmet-inspired meals come in a bag and are steamed in the microwave. There is no watery sauce, or rubbery meat, typical of many frozen dishes. They actually don't taste frozen at all. I have tried several of the varieties but my favorite is the Mushroom Tortelloni. The shells are stuffed with portobello mushrooms and cheese and are placed in a rich sauce made of sun-dried tomatoes, green peas, and red peppers. The meal is not huge for 280 calories but I find it to be pretty filling, especially if you add a side salad. I'm not crazy about the long ingredient list but this tortelloni is quite flavorful for a 5 minute preparation. When I think about the quality of a frozen meal, I ask myself if I had created this dish, would I be proud to serve it to guests? The answer to this one is YES. In fact, I might just try to recreate a similar dish. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out. Check out the Lean Cuisine website to see the other Market creation varieties.


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